[Wine] Re: Playonlinux and Office 2007

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Dec 6 05:59:59 CST 2010

qparis  Nice to here.  3 important points and one optional idea.

1) As vitamin said a tainted flag on error reporting of the program using patched version of wine.  You can bet users will forget they agreed when they come and report to us.  Nice if we can point to log file and say you are using tainted version with the following added.

2)  Patched version support is not black and white.  To get to shades of gray regarding patched versions of wine we have to know what was added what you are nicely going to grant.

Sometimes we will support patched versions sometimes we will not depending on what was added and if it truly relevant to application at hand.  When we get down into silver and bronze rated games we cannot be too picky.  

If a developer is working on the patch to get it mainlined at times the developer maybe seeking feedback in the bugzilla on issues with the patch.   So at times POL users running the patch on different hardware and distribution combinations can be handy to wine Quality before its mainlined.  Like the on going dib engine one of wine oldest still open bugs.

This is purely wine support people and wine developers digression if patched versions will be supported and changes patch by patch.  You current wording appears to be a flat no and that is not 100 percent correct.  Its a high probability of a flat no and will be a flat no if we don't know what patch was applied.

Yes past scriptor your end most likely cause of misunderstanding on this since we could not be sure what patch/es was applied so automatically getting flat no status.

This area might be a section we here might have to consider formalizing maybe providing a way for developers to tag bug/patches of interest they want feedback on.   I do expect as we go threw the process to find somethings wine own processes could be bettered.

3) There is a need for an option to run script with each bug fix library added 1 at a time and support persons order is about the only thing missing.

Yes clean and building back up is something we have todo with some bugs to locate when the bug enters.   Particularly with likes of conflicting reports.   Ie game works but intro video does not.   Game does not work but intro videos play.   Now what one is the third party libs or is it something deeper.   Debuging these things is a pain in the tail.  But it has to be done to make progress.

1 optional) A little extra on that patched version of wine agree screen reference to bug patch or patches are from so users can check out if it still required in newer versions of wine.  Does happen that sometimes patch has be revised or better yet merged.  I would put this in a POL end user niceness item so they can work out if the install script is out of date.   It will happen.  Also so they can provide feedback on some of the proto patches in development.   Yes I sux at how to word this right.     The optional is not something you have to rush todo.

With the list of changes without mine here.  I do see future with quite decent relations between POL and wine.   It will take a while for all the support people to be accepting.  Nothing is overnight in this world.

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