[Wine] Re: Error loading mfc42.dll - failed (error c000007b)

cpighin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Dec 8 07:45:00 CST 2010

:) Thank you dimesio,

I forgot to be in en English spoken forum!

I followed your advice and I came across a mystery that I hope to unravel with experts assistance.

Here's what I did step by step.

- I un-installed Wine1.3.8 by package manager with "remove completely". wine1.3, Wine1.3-gecko and winetricks were removed.
- I deleted the folder .Wine (owner: Claudio) with the command: rm-r .Wine.

Claudio @ Aspire-8530: ~ $ rm-r. wine
rm: remove write-protected regular file `.wine / drive_c / Programs / Birthday Reminder / instlog.lsl '? y
Claudio @ Aspire-8530: ~ $

- I checked that the folder was really removed with all its contents.
- I reinstalled wine1.3 (resulted as version 1.3.8 ) by package manager and Wine1.3-gecko and winetricks were installed as well.
- After installation I looked for the folder .Wine and I have not found it!
- then, when I was starting to configure Wine using this guide: http://www.winehq.org/docs/wineusr-guide/config-wine-main#CONFIG-WINDOWS-VERSIONS , and before making any action, I found Wine listed in the Ubuntu applications and, within it, the folder Birthday Reminder and its dedicated launcher (Applications> Wine> Programs> Birthday Reminder> Setup / Check now).
- I asked myself: Why I find an application which I have not installed?
- Then I looked inside the system folder and I checked that folder Applications> Wine> Programs> Birthday Reminder was not there. However, folder .Wine was there (always with owner: claudio).
- Second question: Why I have not seen it before (?)

Dear experts, would you give me an hand to understand what's happening?

Claudio :)

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