[Wine] Victoria II Play Failure - Encountered Serious Problems. . .

Carnifex wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 9 23:16:02 CST 2010

Game: Victoria II
Wine version: 1.3.8
Distro: Ubuntu 10.04
Terminal Data: I'm having a really hard time figuring how to how to point wine at the correct location in terminal, so no data for you.

Issue: Crash to desktop with the encountered a serious error mostuselesserrorever.

Notes: Performed the install directions of both the Funtoo and Ubuntu 10.04 to best of my ability - thought I had to proceed with the installing from disc bits, though, as I'd misplaced the directory and so thought it wasn't finished installing until it had done these.
Also: Will play the opening videos, but horrifically slowly and jerkily, and crashes either at press of escape or when it finishes videos and attempts to reach main menu.

I am uncertain how to proceed, your assistance is appreciated.

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