[Wine] Re: Playonlinux and Office 2007

dE_logics wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 11 06:08:57 CST 2010

mulx wrote:
> Hi, 
> Yes, if you download Wine package from here: http://wine.playonlinux.com/linux-i386/ all .pol except those who have an suffix between the version and .pol aren't patched.
> For example:
> PlayOnLinux-wine-1.3.0.pol => no patch, compiled from source of WineHQ website.
> PlayOnLinux-wine-1.3.1-ubi-drm.pol => patched. Based on release 1.3.1 of WineHQ and patched with a patch for avoid "ubi-drm". Patchs applied are included into the .pol.
> You can open a .pol without using PlayOnLinux by renaming it to .tar.bz2.
> Bests regards,
> MulX.
> PlayOnLinux-staff and responsible of PlayOnLinux WineBuild.

Ok, that's a good source. Now I've something to say in Bugzilla.

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