[Wine] Re: Cant see the models

galatians wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Dec 11 14:48:58 CST 2010

I have exactly the same problem in Half Life 2 Steam.

I can't see any of the character models in HL2. They are there because I bump into them and they still attack me but I can't see them.

I've tried launching HL2 using every -dxlevel setting and graphics/video setting and I've tried changing every Wine Direct3D registry setting and changing every ATI catalyst control panel option but it makes no difference.

Radeon HD 5650 with latest fglrx driver (10.11)
Core i5 580M
Ubuntu 10.04
Wine 1.3.8

I also tried Wine 1.2 and it has exactly the same problem.

Deus Ex (the first one) works perfectly in Wine using the OpenGL renderer though. Didn't try D3D.

I know this is just a wine/D3D/ati problem because I can run other native linux 3D games like Quake4 and Warsow perfectly.

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