[Wine] wine netstat / netstat.exe

JohnBenard wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 12 09:33:21 CST 2010

I try to find out how to list the tcp connections for every single program that runs with wine.
The linux command "netstat -tp" returns all the connections made by programs. However, for programs running with wine I can only see wineserver as application and not the specific program that is running with wine. 
I tried to use "install" netstat.exe of windows. I just copied it out of my windows folder and after that a few dlls that it required. However this still doesnt return anything usefull. (If i use the "netstat -ab" command in my windows os, I can see all connections made my programs, from what to what. 

Technically i need a solution to install netstat.exe correclty in wine, so that it works the same way as in windows, or i need some other tool, option, or whatever wine can offer to simply draw net statistics for TCP connections made by the programs running under wine. It does not matter how, i just need something that i can work with in a shell.

For people who wonder why i need this: I run a few applications, connected to some server, which sometimes loose their internet connection(all to the same IP). So i have a shell script checking for the program and a connection to the server. This would work, if it wouldnt run under wine. 

Another possible solution that i could accept would be, if i could tell the windows application what source port it has to use. So technically i would overwrite the source port. Over that i could tell with the linux command "netstat -tp" what program is still connected, cuz i identify them by the source port. How can i tell programs under wine to use a specific source port instead of a random one?

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