[Wine] Re: Need help with a bug in wine

Bob Wya wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Dec 12 17:37:24 CST 2010

Fredd wrote:
> So take your anger elsewhere please.

No anger - just being bit obnoxious though (seems to be the general theme on these forums)...  [Twisted Evil]

Imagine a bit of Windows malware or misbehaving application running via Wine that decides to wipe all your harddisks... It can do that (including your Linux root partition) if you run Wine as root... (I presumed you have logged in as root or sudo'd Wine.) Apologies if I was wrong in deducing this...

Glad Wine is working for you now. F.E.A.R. should work just fine as well - it's well supported by the latest Wine version. 8) 


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