[Wine] Re: the state of wine under Mac Os X

mr jingle wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 23 08:55:19 CST 2010

@doh123: Unfortunately upgrading to xQuartz 2.6.0 did little to nothing to change the situation.  :( 

@ahso: I'm using a wine binary build from macports, it's quite probable that it was compiled with all the  dependencies.

As an example, installing and running Need For speed Special edition under wine-1.3.9 under 32 bit ubuntu 10.10 was a breeze, with little to no troubles.

Under 10.6.5 the installer freezed just after showing the background image (16 bit installer bug maybe?), and after moving the installation folder from ubuntu to MacOs  the application ( which had no problems running in software mode in ubuntu) just prints out a 

The instruction at 0x00493062 referenced memory at 0x00000004.
The memory could not be written.

error message.

Another example with a very common game is Age Of Empires 2. It runs roughly without problems under linux (no background music /intro voice, just some errors when rendering fonts), while it lags and crawls after a while when running under Mac Os X making it impossible to play. Unfortunately the original Discs miss the executables for apple architectures, Intel, PowerPC or otherwise.  

But as I said before, they're just an example.

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