[Wine] Mac OS X version of Wine should be official

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Dec 26 19:47:09 CST 2010

On 12/26/10 5:07 PM, relynt wrote:
> I have a new Mac OS X system that I want to run some games on. I don't want to have to buy Windows just to run a few games (which is the reason for the switch, as well as for doing photography). I downloaded the beta version for Mac OS and it runs fantastic. No problems, good templates (although there could be more), and easy of use make it great and a joy to use.
> I don't understand why Wine hasn't made it official yet.
Wine from MacPorts or Fink IS OFFICIAL.  They don't patch it or make any 

Wine from Mike Kronenberg is unpatched (I should know) but WineBottler 
is HIS program.  However, the WineBottler "package" and downloads are 
not standard and thus cannot be supported if they break.
WineSkin from our very own doh123 is HIS program as well.

The Wine project cannot support either of these two projects.  Mike 
supports his and doh123 supports his (and he'll state so in a few minutes.)

If you find a Wine bug, you are welcome to post what you found.  
However, if you find a problem with either of the two products (I cannot 
create a bottle, when I use the script it does not work) you will have 
to contact Mike or doh123 to get it fixed.

James McKenzie

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