[Wine] Wine not detecting correctly graphic vendor

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Dec 27 13:40:35 CST 2010

Hi Marcos,

> >It looks that you still have the Nvidia version of libGL.so online instead of
> >the needed one. Wine itself doesn't use nvidia-tls, but nvidia's libGL does:
> Thanks Pavel, I think you are totally right but let me explain:
> I run the NVIDIA-XXXX --uninstall and let it make the work, but lots
> of losts libraries were abandoned everywhere in my system, I rm'd the
> vast majority of them, but the problem I think are the ones that has
> no 'nvidia' in the name that are still lost.
> Reading your answer I remembered that some time ago I readed at
> phoronix that ATI binary driver has now his own prefix for libraries
> to avoid conflicts against the free driver they are helping to
> develop. I think there is the problem. Starting from locating libGL I
> get (sorry for the long log):
> $locate libGL
> ... list cut out
> Now the question is, whats the one wine is looking for, to symlink it,
> because Im almost sure fglrx put his owns on /usr/lib/fglrx and leave
> the old untouched, and maybe the NVIDIA uninstaller wasnt able to
> restore previous, making wine to fail.

If you don't have Nvidia card in your system anymore, these libraries are 
definitely unneeded. I would recommend to find and remove them. You may try
to use something like this from the terminal:

cd /usr/lib 
grep -l nvidia

After seeing them, rm them manually, or if all looks well and only expected
names like libGL etc. are there, let the system do it for you:

grep -l nvidia | xargs rm

Then cd /usr/lib32 and repeat the operation.

With regards, Pavel

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