[Wine] Re: Photoshop Elements 7

Gear-actua wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 30 00:34:57 CST 2010

I did not say that you were in any way responsible for the content of that how to. What I asked for is for help from there on. As well, (Adobe )Photoshop Elements 7 IS in the AppDB under a silver listing. It states in the the description that most features function properly under version 1.1.43. Unfortunately I'm not sure where to find that version and properly downloading and installing applications and making them show up in my applications menu is still a bit of a mess to me.

As well, the steps laid out in that particular how to seem to have worked for several different versions of Photoshop including a few Photoshop Elements versions. While specifics make a world of difference, The process works! I even installed the program using wine. The problem comes (as I said) in starting the editor. It freezes when "Initializing suites"

I'm willing to do virtually whatever it takes to get this thing working and I'll be glad to take advice and try crazy stuff, I just need someone who will listen and approach me like an intelligent person.

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