[Wine] Re: Microsoft Office 2007 installed but won't work

Dargo101 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Dec 30 00:48:01 CST 2010

I tried to upgrade wine the following ways, but it won't upgrade:
1. System>Administration>Update Manager.  This finds no updates for wine.
2. Try to use the method described here at winehq: go to System>Administration>Software Solutions.  This menu item does not exist.  So I tried using System>Administration>Synaptic Package Manager.  This is unable to locate the ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa.  According to the WINEhq instructions, this was to be entered in the Software Solutions, so I tried to search for it in synaptic.
3. I tried downloading the 1.2.2 stable version from wine.  It downloaded; however, I don't know how to install it.  A lot of files downloaded, and I have no clue how to install any of the files.  I am a Linux dummy.  I am used to windows .exe files for installing applications.  I am just trying to get started learning about Linux.  Can I use synaptic package manager to install the files that I downloaded?

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