[Wine] How do I make wine run for non root users?

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Thu Dec 30 23:14:25 CST 2010

On 12/30/10 10:04 PM, Secured wrote:
> vitamin wrote:
>> Unless you want to run multiple versions of Wine.
>   [Shocked] Multiple versions?!?!      Umm... that might be what I am looking for.  Let me know if you agree based on the following.
> Spider.exe is now working, and once that happened, I added another program.  The challenge is that  I can not run both
> at the same time is either one or the other.  Or basically running the same program twice.
> This IS another subject, let's take it out of here since the original problem has been
You need to use multiple Wine Prefixes.  One for each program.  The Wine 
FAQ (http://wiki.winehq.hq/FAQ) explains how to do this.

James McKenzie

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