[Wine] Re: Want to use Digital Oszilloscope DSO-2100 at parport LPT1

lsmod wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 3 11:28:46 CST 2010

Gert van den Berg wrote:
> IO Ports should NEVER be accessed directly on a multi-tasking
> operating system. (If direct access takes place, multiple application
> can access the port simultaneously, leading to crashes in the best
> case...) If it runs under a Windows NT as a non-administrator user,
> this is not the issue...

Of course it would be better if there is a clean solution.
But if you want to connect and use the hardware you have then you will have no choice.
And such hardware based on a parallel port in windows is a typical relict if you are going to use Linux.
So what shall i do?

There are some notes that people get special hardware connected and used in wine like dongles.
The question is why this seems not to work any more?
In the other thread you can read that i have made multiple tests.

I undestand the problems with drivers, but the software i used was before NT.
There is another version of the software that also works under XP.
But as i have understand there is less hope to get it running in wine?

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