[Wine] Re: Run linux binaries on Windows

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Feb 8 17:55:26 CST 2010

triso Not exactly trivial.    Problem is lot of Linux text mode applications are not 100 percent simple. 

It trivial to move old mainframe programs to linux.  Its posix to posix .  Problem here windows does not contain proper posix. 

Most Unix's and all Linux it cheep to start a new process compared to windows.   It is one of the major reason why items like gcc run many times faster on Linux than windows.   Starting a thread on windows takes more time than starting a process on Linux.

Memory differences is a big killer.  Unix and Linux applications are use to massive over allocation not causing bad things to happen.

daxue is talking about the reverse to wine.   Basically what he is asking is shot due to technical reasons.

Science community need to simply accept windows is not up to the job.  colinux can run gcc faster than running gcc natively on windows.

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