[Wine] problem with win32 application

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Wed Feb 10 16:26:32 CST 2010

Ritm wrote:
> I have a problem with "Statistica 6" (developer - "statsoft"). Application installing success, but when I try to start it, i see jumping icon for few seconds.
> Please, help me! It's very big problem for me!
Jumping icon... by any chance, you wouldn't happen to be running a
certain OS by a certain manufacturer of a certain popular MP3 player,
would you?

And by any chance, that bouncing icon wouldn't happen to have a big
black 'X' on it, would it?

If all that's true, then that's normal. Wine needs the app whose icon is
a big black 'X', even on the OS by the maker of the popular MP3 player,
to work properly. If you're not running that OS, or if the icon is for a
different app, we need more information.


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