[Wine] But I don't WANT the dev version!

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at earthlink.net
Sun Feb 14 08:18:26 CST 2010

console wrote:
> So, I'm not a developer, I know a lot about computers, but I'm more of a techy gamer than a programmer; and I like linux, so wine FTW!
> But with Karmic it seems that the wine package is dependent on wine1.2, which if I'm not mistaken is the dev version.
It is not.  However, Wine 1.2 and Wine ARE dependent on other packages
being installed and the correct versions.  Since that is outside the
scope of this project, it is best to browse the Ubuntu forums for
suggestions on how to install these packages.

Now onto what seems to be your complaint:  Using the Development
version.  The development version, with very few exceptions, is actually
better than the so-called stable version.  There have been 38 releases
of the development version (about one every two weeks) since the stable
version was released.  Version 1.0.1 is basically abandonware now.  If
you encounter a problem with it, the group here will reply with "Install
the current development version and then tell us what happens".  If the
stable version works, then you are welcome to use it, for now.  If it is
broken, it is not going to be fixed. 

Now for the final answer:  Wine 1.2 and Wine will NOT build on your
system if you try to build 64-bit versions.  This bitness is NOT ready
and there is work being done on making it work, but this is slow and is
going to take some time.  Thus you have to build the 32 bit (i386)
version and all of the 32 bit dependencies to install Wine.

Thank you.

James Mckenzie

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