[Wine] Crosshairs/mouse problem with Jedi Outcast/Academy

Berwynirish wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 14 13:48:38 CST 2010

I have a problem in both Jedi Academy and Outcast where my crosshairs are sort of sticky or stuttering. When I move the mouse, the screen seems to scroll smoothly, but the crosshairs tend to stay stuck on whatever they are pointing at rather than remaining fixed in the center of the screen, until they jump to get back to the center of the screen or whatever their home position should be. It's not a huge jump, but it does make aiming rather difficult. The problem gets worse the more there is going on in the screen.

I run other Q3 based games in Wine without this problem. I'm running Ubuntu 8.04 with a GeForce 7600 and I've used both the latest drivers and the no-so-latest drivers and still get this problem.

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