[Wine] Re: Dragon NS 9 Standard Installation errors

Susan Cragin susancragin at earthlink.net
Thu Feb 18 08:04:00 CST 2010

[Wine]  Re: Dragon NS 9 Standard Installation errors

Thanks for all the help. You both got me on the right track.

After a very frustrating time (with error messages galore, such as could not find register.ini and various Dlls which incidentally were where they were meant to be, so something was wrong with registration.) I have at the (about 15th attempt!) achieved 99% success :D 

I say 99% because I had to manually put in a desktop link, it doesn't appear in the kde menu and I don't have the pretty Dragon desktop icon. However, it runs, and seems to do so pretty well, and I was able to tell it to pick up my user files and I was up and running straight away. Anyway for any other sufferers here's how I finally got it to work.

1. Do not run the current wine (or any recent one) as it doesn't play nicely with the Dragon installer for some reason. Uninstall it and install an older version. (the one that worked for me was 1.1.6. (for example 1.1.16 did not)

2. Rename your existing wine folder then run winecfg in a terminal

3. Then follow Susans directions. It's very important that you copy the contents of both installation CDs.

4. For good measure I created a separate folder for the installation within the home directory, although I don't know whether that had an effect.

Thanks again for the help


Additional suggestion:
You have a good wine. Make a backup copy. 
If DNS9.5 starts behaving sluggishly, or crashes and can't be re-started, you have the backup copy to fall back on. 

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