[Wine] Re: star trek online

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 19 09:10:30 CST 2010

death wrote:
> does it work ? and if so how does it run?
> thanks

it actually runs pretty good with 1.1.37 or 1.1.38 ... earlier builds do not run it.

It takes a little tweaking, but not much, its close to platinum.  Some cards crash if GLSL is enabled, but some crash if its not enabled, so thats the only real setting I've had to play with.

AA doesn't work in the game... it sees it as available if Multisampling is enabled, but it still doesn't actually function.

I put together an "Unofficial Mac Version" of the game people are using, that i made using Wineskin...

I'm running it on a Winehacks git of 1.1.36 with some patches on it that fix crashing issues in that version, and I get about 5 fps or so higher frame rate for some reason over 1.1.37 and 1.1.38 though.

other than that. I've been playing it since beta with Wine and loving the game.

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