[Wine] wine causes echo (multiple playback)

marosh wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Feb 19 12:01:06 CST 2010

Hallo all!

Since an unplanned reinstall of Ubuntu 9.10 (Karamic) I have unpleasant multiple sound-playbacks (sounds a little like an echo) using wine. E.g. when playing WoW (thanks guys that I can play it on Linux) I hear every Sound at least twice. I tried various sound drivers via winecfg, using test sound I hear the sound twice, and with ALSA winecfg even crashes. I also tried to use padsp and aoss, no postive effect though, like a re-install didn't take a positive effect. Does anyone have a clue what else I can do? If so, post any further information you need...
Thanks in advance!!


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