[Wine] Problems with Wine on FreeBSD

Tijl Coosemans tijl at coosemans.org
Sat Feb 20 10:54:48 CST 2010

On Saturday 20 February 2010 01:32:48 atalaras wrote:
> I have recently upgraded to FreeBSD 8.0 from 7.1. Under 7.1 i used a
> copy of wine i got from winehq, 1.1.13, compiled myself and used it
> to run Firefox. It ran flawlessly firefox. I prefer to use Windows
> firefox as it is better than native firefox, much better and flash
> also works better, or did work fine under FreeBSD 7.1 but not now. So
> i would like to help find out what has changed and why it no longer
> works.
> after upgrading to FreeBSD 8.0, now the firefox screens appear to be
> somewhat corrupted, the fonts appear to be off or not the correct
> fonts and sometimes the graphics look corrupted or damaged. It looks
> like there may be problems with compositing perhaps. One possibility
> is a problem with with the X Render library was one of my guesses but
> i dont know if that is it. I have actually tried both my old 1.1.13
> and 1.1.38 (also from winehq) and get the same results with bad
> graphics and fonts. It seems like something may have changed with
> FreeBSD's X.org between 7.1 and 8.0 and this broke Wine but this is
> only a guess. I can post a screenshot if needed and would like to
> help with some further diagnostics of this issue.

Have you tried building Wine from ports to see if that one works?
If it doesn't we'll need your /etc/X11/xorg.conf and
/var/log/Xorg.0.log and the output of "pkg_info -rx wine". I've
included my output of that, so you can check if perhaps you miss any
dependencies. My packages are somewhat outdated though.

Information for wine-1.1.34,1:

Depends on:
Dependency: xf86vidmodeproto-2.2.2
Dependency: xextproto-7.0.5
Dependency: renderproto-0.9.3
Dependency: kbproto-1.0.3
Dependency: inputproto-1.5.0
Dependency: fixesproto-4.0
Dependency: dri2proto-2.0
Dependency: damageproto-1.1.0_2
Dependency: expat-2.0.1
Dependency: gnome_subr-1.0
Dependency: dmidecode-2.10
Dependency: libpaper-1.1.23+nmu1
Dependency: gsfonts-8.11_5
Dependency: cups-client-1.3.10_4
Dependency: openldap-client-2.4.19
Dependency: pciids-20090807
Dependency: python26-2.6.2_3
Dependency: xcb-proto-1.5
Dependency: perl-5.10.1
Dependency: png-1.2.40
Dependency: jpeg-7
Dependency: tiff-3.9.1_1
Dependency: cups-image-1.3.10_4
Dependency: lcms-1.18a_1,1
Dependency: xdg-utils-1.0.2_4
Dependency: pkg-config-0.23_1
Dependency: freetype2-2.3.9_1
Dependency: xproto-7.0.15
Dependency: fontconfig-2.6.0,1
Dependency: libXau-1.0.4
Dependency: libICE-1.0.4_1,1
Dependency: libSM-1.1.0_1,1
Dependency: libXdmcp-1.0.2_1
Dependency: pcre-8.00
Dependency: libvolume_id-0.81.1
Dependency: libpthread-stubs-0.1
Dependency: libxcb-1.4
Dependency: libX11-1.2.1_1,1
Dependency: libXt-1.0.5_1
Dependency: libXrender-0.9.4_1
Dependency: libXext-1.0.5,1
Dependency: libXmu-1.0.4,1
Dependency: libXpm-3.5.7
Dependency: libXi-1.2.1,1
Dependency: libXxf86vm-1.0.2
Dependency: libXfixes-4.0.3_1
Dependency: libXdamage-1.1.1
Dependency: libdrm-2.4.12
Dependency: libGL-7.4.4
Dependency: libGLU-7.4.4
Dependency: libglut-7.4.4
Dependency: icu-3.8.1_2
Dependency: libiconv-1.13.1
Dependency: ghostscript8-8.64_7
Dependency: gettext-0.17_1
Dependency: glib-2.20.5
Dependency: gamin-0.1.10_3
Dependency: gio-fam-backend-2.20.5
Dependency: libxml2-2.7.6
Dependency: dbus-
Dependency: cups-base-1.3.10_4
Dependency: dbus-glib-0.82
Dependency: policykit-0.9_5
Dependency: consolekit-0.3.0_8
Dependency: hal-0.5.11_26
Dependency: libgpg-error-1.7
Dependency: libgcrypt-1.4.4
Dependency: libxslt-1.1.26

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