[Wine] Re: Where does Wine install my windows stuff on my mac?

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Feb 20 13:39:33 CST 2010

bryan23 wrote:
> Alright I just installed like 3-4 games using wine and whenever it asked me where I want to install it, I usually click next etc.
> I tried searing for them with spotlight but I couldn't find them. The games I installed are probably like 8gbs.
> How do I access that C:\ drive I installed them in?

spotlight will not find them by default unless you are looking at hidden files/folders.

just like on Linux, the default wineprefix is going to be in your home folder under .wine

starting with a . means itshidden, so finder will not show it.  Without any 3rd party hacks, the easiest way to see it in Finder is to open Terminal.app and type in...

open ~/.wine

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