[Wine] bootable WINE

Paul Romanyszyn pgr at arcelectronicsinc.com
Mon Feb 22 09:09:58 CST 2010

phillipewu wrote:
> Hi,
> I want to have a bootable version of WINE (say on CD or USB drive).
> This is so I can fix my Windows XP installation. The cause of the problem may be that an advertising program was put onto my instllation and Microsoft says to get rid of it by running regedit which cannot be run from Window's recovery console.
> It appears that some years ago Knoppix used to include WINE but the latest version does not.
> Does anyone know of a bootable version of WINE which I image would have to include Linux?
> Thanks for any help.
Off topic for wine but I have had success with this.
Paul R.

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