[Wine] Re: Winelib application linking with non-system Windows DLL - ho

Thunderbird wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Feb 24 17:28:44 CST 2010

Unfortunately not all our documentation is up to date. We try to move more to our wiki and update it there but I'm not sure if there is winegcc stuff there already.

You have roughly two options. The easiest one is to dynamically load the dll using LoadLibrary and load the functions you need using GetProcAddress. Another way is to create a dummy dll against which you can link. You need winedump and winebuild for it. This process is documented at an external site: http://wiki.jswindle.com/index.php/WineLib#Calling_a_Native_Windows_dll_from_Linux (see the libvendor part)

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