[Wine] Re: Itunes on Wine?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 2 03:38:39 CST 2010

wreinmicheal wrote:
> I gave winecfg a go - as per the franks corner link above. Just to save others time: winecfg latest version is 2003 (so old, and maybe not up to date, but it seems to work), to get it: google for it - it's a sourceforge project.....untar and copy the windows files to your wine c_drive.

DO NOT DO THIS. Winecfg is Wine's configuration tool. It comes with Wine. You don't have to download anything. That is what Frank's Corner is referring to, and googling "winecfg" brings up the official Wine wiki page about the REAL winecfg as the first item, which is where you should have looked for information about it. The Sourceforge project I never heard of before this; it could be some sort of predecessor to Wine's winecfg (I don't know), but it is obviously very outdated and should not be used.

> Anyway, franks corner also says to set itunes to be a virtual desktop.....this isn't possible with winecfg (or at least, if it is, then it's hidden in some obscure corner).

In the real winecfg, you will find "Emulate a virtual desktop" on the graphics tab.

> The final result of the franks corner itunes install is that i have itunes and quicktime installed, but when running itunes, i get a message that my quicktime version isn't up to date enough to run itunes - i have version 7.0d0 (so says the error message - this was the version of quicktime installed under wine with the latest itunessetup.exe). Incidentally, the same quicktime install under pure windows is version 7.1 something.

Install quicktime with winetricks. http://wiki.winehq.org/winetricks

FYI, while Frank's Corner does still have some useful information, much of what's on that site is outdated and some of it is just plain wrong.

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