[Wine] Re: Easily changing directory where program files should be inst

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 2 12:27:46 CST 2010

Paul Menzel wrote:
> Do all of the listed applications support setting the ProgramFiles
> directory in a using a graphical interface?

AFAIK, none of them support changing only the Program Files directory (rather than the whole wineprefix). But I could be wrong.

> Can you recommend one?

The only third party app that I use is winetricks, which is a CLI tool designed for developers, but useful for users, too.  

Of GUI apps, I can tell you that Codeweavers is the main support of the Wine Project, so if you purchase Crossover, you are helping to support Wine. They also have their own well-developed support system, which seems not to be the case with some of the other third party apps on the list.  

> Thanks, but does it use more resources?

Yes, of course, since each wineprefix will take up disk space, even with no apps installed. 

> That is true, indeed, but very cumbersome and most users do not care to change it

It is the exact same thing they would have to do in Windows.

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