[Wine] Keyboard layout not recognized by Fisher-Price software

Amorina wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 3 00:09:50 CST 2010

Hi to all! 

My 2-year-old got a Fisher-Price Laugh&Learn Computer Learning System (http://www.fisher-price.com/fp.aspx?st=112341&e=detail&pid=41257&pcat=bulnl), the Spanish version, as a gift a year ago. It's an older version, with different color scheme than the one shown there.

It's just a plastic toy with that goes over your computer keyboard and has  little things that press an actual key everytime the kid presses a key on the toy "keytopper".

It comes with a little software made for Windows systems, all made of pieces of Director stuff and SWFs.  

I was never able to run it on my Ubuntu PC. The software starts, tries to update (and fails, but that's not an issue for me) and then tries to let him play. 

The problem, the software tells me, that my system's language and keyboard layout are not good for it. It says it has to be Spanish (Argentina), Spanish (International) or English. 

My Ubuntu Karmic Koala is in English but the keyboard layout is set to "Spain", selected as Spanish;Castilian with variant Spain on the "choose a layout" Windows. 

I tried already changing it to several layouts, like English-USA, Spanish-Latinamerican and so on

I also tried adding a "env LANG=" with different choices on the launcher. I'm not sure what else to try. I read somewhere that keyboard layout detection problems was a common issue but it was not a program killer so it was not important. Well, here is it and I'm going crazy, LOL.

I didn't care before because my boy used his father's PC, but now we broke up and I'm stuck with a crying child who can't understand why MOMMY can't make his favorite "pompu" (computer) game play.

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