[Wine] Re: [FAQ] [RFC] How can multiple users share an installed Wine a

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jan 3 05:21:30 CST 2010

fcmartins way does work.  But we don't go around recommending due to a few issues.

Number 1 applications that only allow one per user to be run.  Yes it can get really screwy with the setup the Ubuntu users describe.  Particular if the event of two users running it ever happened.  Multi head setups.

Number 2 the wine system normally ends up with access to everyone usb devices and the like.  So if infected will infect everyone.

Even the shared location has issues.  Particular with application updating and registry records.

Really without addressing the wineserver issue we are really playing with fire every way is a hack and shows it.

I know is hard for people to accept there is no way at this stage to do it without downsides.   Some of them are secuirty nightmares others are update nightmares and some are a mixture of both.

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