[Wine] Re: MCI Avi Video Playback Problem

jbrown wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 4 14:34:18 CST 2010

I just managed it!

I'm going with the Media Player setting, and here is what to do (It's a "howto" install Media Player 6.4 as well):

Get your codecs (K-Lite for example), a VfW xvid and a Direct Show mp3.
Get Media Player 6.4 and extract it (not installing).
Now copy devenum.dll, msdxm.ocx, quartz.dll and mplayer2.exe,
regsvr32 the msdxm.ocx (errors occur, but that's ok).
Overwrite devenum and quartz (native,builtin).

Now run mplayer2 once and start a video.

Although, there are lots of warnings and errors on the stderr, it works!

Thanks to dimesio who gave me the hope it possibly might work.

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