[Wine] Re: Having some issues w/ Wine+Deb

pyrocide wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 4 23:26:15 CST 2010

> # Make sure sound is configured and working (test in winecfg). TF2 will immediately crash without sound. Usually this means if you have PulseAudio it will need to be disabled
> # Add "-dxlevel 81" to the TF2's launch options. This option is needed only once! If not removed it will reset all TF2's video settings to DX81 default
> # Add "-novid" option to skip valve video. Some users report this helps to avoid initial crash

I have gotten to these steps and am not able to get passed the Audio Test in winecfg, nothing happens when i select one of the drivers. 

How do i add "-dxlevel 81 and -novid" to the TF2's launch options?

And i am unable to locate the steam install/hl2.exe file in the .wine folder. Even searching it comes up with nothing. 

I must admit I am a bit new to linux in general. 

I deleted the .wine and reinstalled my games and steam. I have Guildwars working without any problems after deleting .wine and restarting wine.

Is there anything i can post as results to help this go smoother?

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