[Wine] Re: AutoCAD 2004 crashes using Ubuntu 9.10 and Wine 1.1.33

King84 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 5 17:12:07 CST 2010

My goodness me..... how difficult can it be to install something on linux?!?
However I tried another way, again.
On the mai page of winehq I found a reach around to find the downloadable tar.bz2 file of wine-1.1.35
Unzipped it to a folder named wine-1.1.35.
Opened the readme inside and wrote in the terminal


in the directory of wine.
Well it took nearly 30 minutes to do everything, I was really surprised.
Then it says:
Once Wine has been built correctly, you can do "make install"; this
will install the wine executable, the Wine man page, and a few other
needed files.
Don't forget to uninstall any conflicting previous Wine installation
first.  Try either "dpkg -r wine" or "rpm -e wine" or "make uninstall"
before installing.".
But my terminal is saying, now:
"make[1]: uscita dalla directory «/home/ale/Scrivania/wine-1.1.35/server»
Wine build complete.
Performing 'make install' as root to install binaries, enter root password
So I guess it's doing it by itself. Can't understand why, though.
Now it says:
"Installation complete.
If you have problems with Wine, please read the documentation first,
as many kinds of potential problems are explained there."
So I guess I'm done.
I close the terminal, i close the readme files, I close and delete the folder in my desktop wine-1.1.35, I go to Applications -> Wine but there's NOTHING except Programs -> Administrative tools -> .NET something.
I installed the whole thing but it isn't working.

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