[Wine] Re: 777 Gebärden : Cannot find TB70net.exe (or one of its...)

vitamin wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 6 21:04:13 CST 2010

C.hristianKrueger wrote:
> Simple put in English:
> - you might have disabled support for for 8.3 names
> - you might have umlaute (äüö), blanks or special characters within the installation path

Then this program is broken by design. Wine does not and will not support windows' stile 8.3 names for long file names (foo~1.bar) - it's patented and not guaranteed to work even on windows in all cases.

If you have a software that can't cope with paths that contains anything but ascii characters - take it back and demand your money back. Coders that produce that stuff deserve to be left without job.

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