[Wine] No graphic

Martin Gregorie martin at gregorie.org
Thu Jan 7 07:03:34 CST 2010

On Thu, 2010-01-07 at 06:26 -0600, jasse wrote:

> A few months ago I had to reinstall Ubuntu. Then, of course, my wine
> was removed as well, and I had to install it again. I have had
> Football Manager 10 working before, but I can't get it working any
> more. It's basically just a lot of colours, but no real graphic. I
> can't see anything so I have to kill it. I thought it was just me
> being bad at these stuff, but now when I tried playing FlatOut 2,
> almost the same thing happened.
For future reference:

Don't use the default installation (two partitions - one for the filing
system, one swap partition). 

Instead, do a custom install with at least three partitions. Put /home
in its own partition. This way you can do a clean install without losing
your data: reformat the root and swap partitions and leave the /home
partition untouched apart from saying how to mount it. You'll have to
set up the user(s) again, but that's no problem - just make sure you
create them with the same UID and GID that you used before. Opening a
console window and running 'ls -l /home' shows you which UID+GID belongs
to each user login.

If you install stuff in /usr/local, move /usr/local to /home/local and
replace it with a symbolic link (as root):

    cd /usr
    mv local /home/local
    ln -s /home/local local

and everything works as before. Then after a clean install, simply

    cd /usr/
    rm -rf local
    ln -s /home/local local

reinstates everything you've installed in /usr/local.

I use a lot more partitions (/boot, / , /tmp, /var, /usr, /home, swap
and a small encrypted one for passwords etc) but thats because it suits
the way I like to manage a computer: putting /tmp and /var in separate
partitions limits the damage runaway writing programs can do. 

Three partitions is a sensible minimum.


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