[Wine] Re: File access questions

DaVince wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 8 17:59:12 CST 2010

Doge wrote:
> I have two questions in relation to WINE:
> 1. If I install a Windows program under WINE the asks for a "data file location" during the setup, which is basically a folder where data files for the program will be kept, I can keep the default (e.g. C:/XProgramX/Data) and the program should (theoretically) work as it would under Windows?

Yes, because Wine has its own "prefix" to store anything in. Check /home/username/.wine/ .

> 2. If instead of selecting the local C drive as where the data files are kept, I wanted to point to a directory on another computer (e.g. Samba folder on a Linux server, or even on a Windows server), is this possible/easy? How would this be done?

Sure, put WINEPREFIX=/path/to/place/to/create/new/wineprefix wine appname.exe to run "appname" in a new location (a new Wine prefix will be created for you in that place). Please note that some apps may break unexpectedly if used on "weird" partition types (like a network share).

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