[Wine] Silent Hill 2: irregular framerate

vanfanel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 9 09:22:24 CST 2010

Hello there guys

I'm using Wine 1.1.35 on Gentoo (2.6.30-r5), with and Nvidia 9400 (binary nvidia drivers, version 180.44) and ALSA sound (no PA, etc).

The problem is that Silent Hill 2 seems to have a very irregular framerate: videos are jerky and realtime graphics framerate seems very irregular, not the expected constant 30FPS this game has.

I've tried updating Wine, as you can see, without any difference. Also tried different WINE modes (win98, xp, vista...) but no success.
I'm using a 60HZ video mode, of course.

Any ideas of what's happening here? Is it a known behaviour?


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