[Wine] what information can program get about underlying system

buratinas wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jan 9 17:24:29 CST 2010


I frequently run untrusted programs through wine and wonder, how much of underlying linux system do I expose to those programs. I believe, that wine is quite free of bugs, but I am not an expert of Windows API and the level wine implements them.

I am particularly interested in these issues:

* If I do not connect my filesystem to wine in any way (through winecfg), is there a possibility to untrusted program to read anything outside .wine/drive_c directory?
* Is there any possibility for that program to access internals of my system (like things in /proc, for example currently running processes).
* Is there any way to get information what exact graphics subsystem I am running (e.g. version of X server etc.)?


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