[Wine] Re: 1.1.36 compile problem on Mac OS X

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 11 08:10:54 CST 2010

samir_otiv wrote:
> I suggest you wait for Mike Kronenberg's (http://mike.kronenberg.org) build of Wine. It's easy to use and has a useful tool called WineBottler along with it which helps manage prefixes and create application bundles. It's one of the best builds of Wine around for Mac OS X[/url]

WineBottler is a nice build for general uses, I suggest it to a lot of people, but I make a wrapper app used for porting (http://wineskin.sourceforge.net/), which has a different goal (its not for general Wine usage), where I have to have my own builds compiled to work right in the wrapper.

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