[Wine] Re: Office 2007 Doesn't Work! Help!

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jan 11 10:41:25 CST 2010

junxi3q wrote:
> Hey, thanks! The problem was solved!
> By the way, where did you find the way to solve this problem? I mean I should learn how to find the answer.

The info is in the AppDB. There are a couple of other tweaks you might want to look at. 

> There seems to be a little problem with Word 2007. The error message mentioned about "vba" and "template" or something like that. This happens when I quit Word and I have to choose "not save to Normal". What's that?

There was a regression in 1.1.35 that caused that behavior in Word 2003, and I recall seeing it in Word 2007 the first time I ran it after upgrading, but not on subsequent runs. That bug was fixed in 1.1.36, so try upgrading.

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