[Wine] Re: Problem with wine?

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 12 21:15:28 CST 2010

mfduqued wrote:
> I am installing mathcad at linux with wine (1.1.28-i486-1ms), but when i write wt2 or wt (my version of winetools is winetools-0.9jo.III-i386-2lu), I obtain one wrong 
> Winetools cannot run with a wine version older than 20050628
> Why?, What I can do?
> Thank you, I am sorry but my English.

First, winetools is a third party app, and third party apps aren't supported here. Second, this particular third party app is abandonware. It will not work with Wine NEWER than 20050628 because no one is maintaining it. Bottom line: don't use winetools; it is not supported anywhere by anyone.

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