[Wine] StudySmartSetup.exe

vonpj70 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jan 12 22:00:34 CST 2010

I am currently studying for the California Bar exam using Bar/Bri's "StudySmart" software.  I am running Karmic Koala on AMD64, "2.6.31-17-generic" linux kernel.   

For reasons totally unclear to me studysmart, as a flash application, has packed up and won't load anymore (though I can log in).  It was working until this afternoon (in both Firefox and Seamonkey).  So, I clicked "download windows program" to run the program offline ... hoping (against hope) that WINE would be able to manage it.  At first it wouldn't show anything - and I remembered that I was probably running an old version of WINE.  I used the Ubuntu Software Center to update Wine to the latest (1.1.31) and tried again.  "Success!" I thought.

Well anyhow, for anyone who is interested, the installation screens come up (though none of the fonts in the install buttons are visible), and it is announced that "Installation was successful."

Next, up comes the product registration key screen.  Again it is impossible to read what one types - though the screen does automatically bump you to the next field after entry of each 4 digits.

Click the textless button that appears and ... nothing.
Soo close, no cigar.  When I go into "Program Files" on my "C:\" drive I see that StudySmart is in there, and when I click on the .exe I get the registration key screen again ... and the same result (no forward progress).

It is very exciting, and I mean no irony here, to see that just between 1.01 and 1.1.31 so much of a difference in how the program ran appeared.  You guys rock!  

Now back to Evidence law.  (Though I will entertain suggestions as to possible ways to get the program to run!)  Thank you.

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