[Wine] Troubles with gecko/javascript?

someenigma wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jan 13 00:55:08 CST 2010

I've come across what I see as an oddity with regards to Gecko and Javascript.  The real app I'm trying to work on here is the Star Trek Online launcher.  It's having problems due to Javascript not executing, but I can leave that aside for now.

I've been using http://www.cyscape.com/showbrow.aspx to test some stuff out.  I have one version of wine, built from GIT sources.

In the logs, I see
trace:mshtml:check_version "Wine Gecko 0.9.1"

It loads up the cyscape fine, waits a tic or two, and then reloads the screen, and displays a bunch of stuff (Browser: Mozilla, Fullversion: 1.9.2a1, Gecko: True, Version: 1.9 etc etc).

It seems to work fine, Javascript seems to be working.

I also have a Gentoo packaged copy of wine.  It's version 1.1.35.  
It has one patch applied, for gcc compilation.
In the logs, I see
trace:mshtml:check_version "Wine Gecko 1.0.0"

Later on in the logs I see 
"0[158a78]: file http://www.cyscape.com/showbrow.aspx, line 132: ReferenceError: isHere is not defined"
I've gone through the Javascript, and isHere is a function that is in a linked .JS file (linked via <script src="http://lib.browserhawk.com/bhtg/bhawk.js?acct=cyscape"> ).

It also seems to hang at this point, as the web page displays "Please wait a moment while BrowserHawk analyzes your browser..."  This screen is something I don't see if I visit the website but disable Javascript on Firefox (via NoScript), so my guess is that it's detecting Javascript as present, but then halting due to the ReferenceError.

It seems to me, like Gecko is not loading the attached .js file.  I'm not sure why, and I can't find anything meaningful in any log files.  I'm also not sure why the Gentoo-packaged wine (1.1.35) is running gecko-1.0.0, while git seems behind, on 0.9.1.  Also not sure why 0.9.1 works fine, but 1.0.0 doesn't?  Are the two related?  Is Gentoo somehow pulling in 1.0.0, when it should still be using 0.9.1?

Anyone have any ideas on what could be going wrong, or what I may have missed or stuffed up?

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