[Wine] Looking for developers trying to build Windows apps on Wine

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Wed Jan 13 10:26:10 CST 2010

> Well, then.  Give 'winetricks vc2005trial' a spin.  That will
> get you 2005 full installed.   I'm interested in what
> happens after that.

I will try that as soon as I can. I am building windows GUI medical
imaging applications with Qt, VTK, ITK, boost and several other

Before everyone says I can do this using native linux the problem is
some of in house libraries I need to use do not compile or execute
under gcc. Also the target platform is windows. I have CMake for the
project generation so that the compiler version is not that important.
I would have to get several large libraries and tools built in the
environment to be able to use wine.

John M. Drescher

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