[Wine] Installing Wine on Mac OS 10.6.2

ryan woodsmall rwoodsmall at mac.com
Wed Jan 13 19:52:30 CST 2010

> So I'm still trying to get everything to work with Wine. My problem now is getting FreeType to work. But in order for that to work, i need AutoMake updated, and for automake to work, autoconf needs to be updated (what a circle huh?). Anyway, so autoconf is not quite updating. 
> I downloaded the new version, and did the ./configure; make; and sudo make install. But when i check the version, it's still an older version. How can i get this updated?

I have a script that handles prereqs and installs Wine into ~/wine/wine-X.X.X for me:


And Austin English wrote one too:


The reason you're still seeing the old version is probably because compiles from source generally go into /usr/local by default.  Your include/library search paths likely aren't taking this into account, hence finding old versions elsewhere in the filesystem.

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