[Wine] Re: Wine program resource usage question

cnbiz850 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 14 00:20:06 CST 2010

> Played around with the program further and found something
> interesting. The abnormal resource usage is actually not due to a
> switch of focus between graphics and GUI. It is due to mouse movement
> in the graphics area under certain circumstances. The circumstances
> include having stock price moving average lines drawn on the chart,
> which was the default feature. Turning off the moving average lines
> or switch to certain other indicators can make the problem go away. I
> can not image what is going on. Why mouse moving with MA drawn sucks
> so much resource? Again this is not detected at all under Windows. 

After playing with the software for sometime, now I feel a better sense  on where the problem might be.  It is most likely an array overflow issue.  The reason I say this is as follows:

As I mentioned before, it has to do with having moving average (MA) lines drawn on the chart.  (For those unfamiliar with the term, an MA on any given day is an average of prices of the last "N" days prior to that day, where "N" can be any integer, so calculating 60-day MA on any given day for instance would need the prices of the last 60 days before that given day.) 

The group of MA lines that is used by default include 5, 10, 20, 60-day lines.  On first start, the program however loads from the remote server just enough days of info to fit on the chart window - it does not have any info (or at least enough info) before the earliest day shown on the chart.  So consider calculating a 60-day MA's for some early days on the chart, it simply has not enough data.  I don't know how the program deals with this issue, but somehow it is ignored on Windows, meaning the MA is not calculated on the days without enough info.

Does this analysis make sense from Wine's point of view?

My temporary workaround is to use the "zoom-out" command from the keyboard to download more than enough data on my computer.  Once they are on my computer, they seem to stay here, so the resource related problem does not occur.

Would anyone please comment how Wine deals with this possibly "overflow" issue?

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