[Wine] Re: problem with wineprefixcreate...

doh123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Jan 14 09:44:21 CST 2010

ok.. I figured out what is going on... its .update-timestamp's fault

I was remaking a Wineprefix in a directory that already had one before, that also contained other files, so I couldn't remove the whole folder... so to make sure it was rebuilt right, I was having a script remove "dosdevices" "drive_c" and all 3 .reg files... then running Wine, and it fails to create it correctly, just a partial creation.

It is the .update_timestamp file (that I didn't realize was hidden there) that was throwing it off... if it exists in the folder, the prefix isn't made correctly if the other folders have been removed... but as long as I also delete .update-timestamp, then the prefix is built fully automatically or with wineprefixcreate.... I'm guessing the file contains information about the prefix so its assuming some things already exist, and not checking, or trying to create them.

Might be something to check for in the automatic create code, just in case... but I doubt it is something that would happen often to people... not  of major importance.

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