[Wine] problem with wineprefixcreate...

Charles Davis cdavis at mymail.mines.edu
Thu Jan 14 22:44:17 CST 2010

James McKenzie wrote:
> doh123 wrote:
>> James Mckenzie wrote:
>>> doh123:
>>> What happens when you use the environment variable WINEPREFIX?
>> I said I figured it out in the previous post... its I was setting up in a folder that already existed that still had a .update-timestamp file in it.. which was throwing off and having it only partially make what needed to be made. Making it to a new folder, or deleting the .update-timestamp, fixes the problem.  I just didn't know that file existed until I started looking a lot closer.
>> I don;t get the love of hidden files with wine... like ~/.wine ... WHY??? why not ~/wine  ????and update-timestamp has to be hidden? oh well, at least I know why the prefix wouldn't create right, its just weird that it creates some things, but not everything.
> It's a UNIX thing.  I don't have a love for them either.  You should
> take a look at the $HOME directory on LINUX.  All sorts of . directories
> there as well.  I think there are a few on MacOSX but they are holdovers
> from Free/OpenBSD.
Not quite... There's .MacOSX, which as the name implies is Mac
OS-specific. So far, the only file I've seen in there is the custom
environment property list (the one that specifies custom environment

Then there's .Trash (which is the user trash folder). And if you have
Xcode installed, it stores--or once did store--some stuff in .Xcode.
(The directory is empty on my Mac.)

Yes, even on Mac OS, the dreaded dot files are pervasive. I have a ton
of them in my home directory (include several Wine prefixes). Well,
that's UNIX for you. And Mac OS X is a UNIX system. (Ask the Open Group.
The Intel version of Mac OS X passed their test.)


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