[Wine] Forcing Windows SDL apps to use DirectDraw

vanfanel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 15 07:13:00 CST 2010

Hello there

I've been using wine for a while now, with varying results.
Most OpenGL / Direc3d apps/agmes I tried work reasonably well, but SDL apps are different: they use the LAME Windows GDI by default instead of DirectDraw, so I tried to fix that by:


export SDL_VIDEODRIVER=directx

..that fucks my Linux SDL, but that's another story as I can also set the WINE enviroment variable in the registry, so it's not a problem.
the problem IS that Windows SDL apps keep using the lame GDI. Consequences:
-tearing as hell.
-No OpenGL acceleration for blitting and scaling. I've configured wine to use DirectDraw on native Linux OpenGL, but if an app uses the GDI I'm very well fucked with all kind of artifacts, and without OpenGL.

any ideas?  


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