[Wine] Wine and Steam/Windows

hexed wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jan 15 15:46:23 CST 2010

Hello, I am having a somewhat strange problem.  I installed Wine earlier and got Steam/TF2 running, but some features/frame rates were terribly low so I decided to come back and mess with it later.

I got back into Windows and tried to log into steam and I am completely unable to connect. I have done all the troubleshooting, and I can assure you the only thing that has changed was that I used steam in Ubuntu through Wine. Stupidly, I did not follow the How-To on the Wiki and instead mounted the drive where my original steam files were and ran them through Wine.  Since this problem has been happening, I have re-tried and am still able to log into Steam from Ubuntu (just now Windows), so I am guessing this is where I went wrong and the problem is stemming from.

I have tried uninstalling steam/reinstalling(in Windows), uninstalling wine, and nothing seems to work.  I know this isnt JUST about a Wine issue, but I figured maybe the pros here would have an idea/know where I went wrong and can assist. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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