[Wine] (no subject)

Ulrich Fürst Fuerst.Ulrich at web.de
Sun Jan 17 13:38:43 CST 2010

Good evening!

It's my first mail to this list, so just remind me if I do something
not allowed or desired. 
O.k. here is my problem:
I've installed on a computer running debian/lenny and Wine from WineHQ
v1.1.35~winehq1-1 the program "Teamviewer" (latest version v5)

There were no error messages during installation. But I can't start the
program. Trying to start from a konsole I get:

$ env WINEPREFIX="/home/ulrich/.wine" wine "C:\\Programme\\TeamViewer\\Version5\\TeamViewer.exe" 
fixme:mixer:ALSA_MixerInit No master control found on MPU-401 UART, disabling mixer
fixme:advapi:SetSecurityInfo stub
fixme:advapi:SetSecurityInfo stub
fixme:advapi:SetSecurityInfo stub
fixme:advapi:SetSecurityInfo stub
fixme:crypt:CRYPT_CriticalExtensionsSupported unsupported critical extension ""
fixme:crypt:CRYPT_CriticalExtensionsSupported unsupported critical extension ""
fixme:msg:ChangeWindowMessageFilter 4a 00000001
fixme:ole:CoInitializeSecurity ((nil),-1,(nil),(nil),4,3,(nil),0,(nil)) - stub!
fixme:heap:HeapSetInformation (nil) 1 (nil) 0
fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW Option INTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_SERVER (20): STUB
fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW Option INTERNET_OPTION_MAX_CONNS_PER_1_0_SERVER (20): STUB
fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW Option INTERNET_OPTION_CONNECT_TIMEOUT (9000): STUB
fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW INTERNET_OPTION_SEND/RECEIVE_TIMEOUT 9000
fixme:wininet:InternetSetOptionW INTERNET_OPTION_SEND/RECEIVE_TIMEOUT 120000
fixme:netapi32:NetWkstaUserGetInfo Level 1 processing is partially implemented
fixme:advapi:LsaOpenPolicy ((null),0x32ea70,0x00000001,0x32ea6c) stub
fixme:advapi:LsaClose (0xcafe) stub
err:seh:raise_exception Unhandled exception code c0000005 flags 0 addr 0x4c5a91

I googled the error message but didn't find something related to my
problem. Can someone please help me finding out what is going wrong?


Wenn man Qualität managen will,
dann muss man sie erstmal zustande kommen lassen.

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